Delete pupil from the school

Only Lexplore Examiners have permission to delete pupils. If you are not an Examiner, please contact the user in your organisation who can assist you with this.

  1. How to remove the pupil from the school or organisation;

    There is an additional way of removing pupils directly from the admin page. This function is available for examiners and enables those users to directly from the admin page remove a pupil from school or organisation(not class specific)

    1. From Admin-page in the Results Portal and this view(see picture below) go to "SCHOOLS"

    2. Under "SCHOOLS" you will see a list of all schools that belongs to your organisation. If the School itself is the organisation then you will see one option under "School", just like the picture is showing as an example. Click on the particular school.

    3.  You will then see a list of all pupils in the school

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