How do I follow my progress within the testing application?


Following progress within the testing application.

While testing, three circles will appear on the right of the screen. Each circle represents a recording, and a small green arrow will appear under the circle as you progress through the test, indicating your position within the assessment.

  • RAN stands for the letter test
  • T1 stands for Text 1
  • T2 stands for Text 2

A green circle means that part of the test has been completed and saved, whilst a grey circle means that part of the test is not yet completed.

If a recording is not saved, this is indicated by a red cross under the circle.

Above the circle there is a small arrow and cross. The arrow allows you to change the letters for the RAN (there are two sets of letters that the system can display) or skip the RAN completely. These actions are for each pupil and are not global settings which will affect all other pupils.