Rapid Reading Assessment
with Eye Tracking & AI

Lexplore is the first fully objective reading assessment for K-8 students that combines the latest in AI and eye tracking technology.

In 3 minutes of magic, Lexplore evaluates a student across key reading components, flags risk for dyslexia and other reading difficulties, and provides recommendations.  No paper. No manual calculations. All online results.

Lexplore is culturally inclusive and objective.  Teachers can immediately determine whether students require extra support, further diagnostic evaluation or greater challenge.  Administrators quickly gain high-level and filtered performance reporting at the district, school, class and individual level - meeting state and federal universal screening and progress monitoring requirements for ALL students.

Looking towards summer?  Lexplore is easily implemented by teachers, staff and volunteers with minimal training and expertise. 

Let Lexplore be your ally for pandemic learning loss.

Lexplore can be fully funded by the American Rescue Plan, COVID Relief, CARES Act, Title I and IV funding sources. no white area coloured banner images-1

"Lexplore helped reveal students who were not previously identified as having any reading difficulties. Teachers can then take action immediately to get them reading at grade level."