Lexplore Login

The login method used to access Lexplore depends on what your organisation has chosen. Most often it includes your email address and a password

To gain access to the Lexplore Results Portal and the Lexplore Testing Application, you first need to register an account.  To begin, you will receive an invitation from Lexplore via email.  If it is your first time logging into Lexplore, please see; How do I accept my invitation to the results portal and create an account?

Once you have registered your account with Lexplore, you can log into: 

Only users with the role of Examiner can log in to both Lexplore Results Portal and the Lexplore Testing Application.

If you have already created your account, these are the two types of login that can be used to access Lexplore:

  • MFA - Also called 2-Step Authentication login using both email, password, and a phone number to verify.
  • Office365 - Also called Single Sign-On. Your organisation's Office 365 solution is used to log into Lexplore.