Move pupil to another school

To move a pupil to another class in another school, you will need to have access to both schools' data. For example, you will need to have Lexplore Examiner permission in each school. Any previous recordings the pupil may have will also be transferred to the new school once the pupil is moved.

  1. Log into the Results Portal.
  2. Find and select the pupil you wish to move and click "MOVE PUPIL".
  3. Then you choose which school, class, and year you want to move the pupil to.
  4. Then press "MOVE".
  5. The Pupil and any recordings are moved immediately.

*Please Note: When moving a pupil between two schools the pupil will remain in the previous school as a leaver. The pupil that has left will be greyed out in the class list. The reason for this is to facilitate the handover between the two schools. If you wish to remove the leaver, you need to delete the pupil from that class.