Reading Development with Lexplore

Supports reading development for all pupils,
in their own pace and in their own way.

Discover Lexplores toolbox to develop
reading for all pupils

All reading in one place

Lexplore supports reading development at your school or in your municipality. Connecting insights about reading, powered by AI, with proven reading exercises to enable your school to learn how the students reading activities impact their reading progress and journey.

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Our Features

Why Lexplore?

Family Values Child
Motivate Students

We foster a reading culture that creates motivation.

Fresh Folk Teaching
Empower Teachers

Understand progression based on unbiased data.

Create Impact

We help create a student centric approach to development.

Our Solutions

Join the reading journey


Let your students explore 
the world of reading in a playful 
and motivating way.

Includes: Read & Insights


Fast insights and reading
activities to 
develop each
students' reading.

Includes: Assessment & Insights


Inspire and support students 
and theirteachers in 
the reading journey.

Includes: All products