Release Notes

Lexplore System Version 5.28

Date: 2021-08-17

  • NEW! Results Portal Admin page with new look and functions
    In order to make the Results Portal more user-friendly and easier to navigate, all features relating to editing users or pupils will now be on the same page. The Administration page for an organisation now contains editing of the organisation itself as well as all its users and pupils.
    Among other subpages you will find: 
    • Settings 
    • One table for all users, active and inactive 
    • Authentication
    • Editing of pupils- import, delete, move etc. 
  • Login method: Single Sign-on with more options
    Login with Single Sign-on allows the user to sign in to Lexplore with a federated service. In order to activate this function for a customer, the customer admin needs to change the login type for the organisation. Existing user's logins will then be able to be changed one by one to the selected SSO (Single Sign-on) system. Each user needs to accept the new invitation to complete the migration.
    As a federated service we have added: 
    • Google - globally 
    • Skolon - available in Sweden. 
  • NEW! Font for RAN
    Thanks to the fantastic feedback provided by our customers, the font for RAN (Rapid Naming) in the Testing Application has been changed. The letters now have the same shape as the fonts used in school when pupils start their reading journey. The name of the new font is Aravis.
  • Lexplore Score set as default
    Recognizing that a pupil's own progression is the most important value, we have moved the chart for Lexplore Score for better visibility.

Lexplore Globally 

  • Stimuli in year 11-13
    Testing pupils is now possible in higher education for countries following the British education system. Testing is possible up to year 13. This applies to all countries testing with the British texts, such as the following countries/regions;
    • UK
    • UAE and MEA
    • Australia (year 10-12)
    • New Zealand

  • Australian English is available in the Testing Application
    It is now possible to select English for Australia in the Test Application. This language selection uses the same source of English as in the UK.

  • More detailed progression chart for Pupil progression
    In Australia and New Zealand charts with in-depth information have been added to the pupil page, allowing teachers to follow their students' progression. Results in the Portal now also show: 
    • Saccadic length
    • Fixation time
    • Regression frequency

Bugs that have been fixed

  • National average for Norway was temporarily not present in printout, but has been fixed now.
  • Import of users is now again aligned with the current academic school year.

Lexplore System Version 5.28

Date: 2021-06-16

Lexplore Testing Application

  • NEW! A new language is now available in the Testing Application.
    • As Lexplore continues to expand in the Nordics we have now included Newnorwegian "Nynorsk" texts within the Application for Norwegian schools.

Lexplore Results Portal

  • UPDATE! Layout for the PDF report on the Pupil's profile
    • Thank you for all the feedback from our customers regarding the PDF printout that was available in the Results Portal. We have now updated the PDF report as suggested and improved the layout so it is easier to read for teachers, parents, and guardians. You can find the print button on the pupil profile giving you the option to either print the report or save it as a PDF.

Bugs that have been fixed

  • US Stimuli updates
  • Lexplore Score graph is now aligned with the correct dates
  • Deleting users from large organisations is now working again 

Lexplore System Version 5.27

Date: 2021-05-05

Lexplore Results Portal
  • NEW! Creating an account and logging in much quicker
    To give new and existing customers quicker and improved access to the Results Portal, we have reduced some of the steps for the registration and login process. 
    • For new users with Single Sign-on login, the account is created when the invitation is sent out.
    • For existing customers, fewer steps logging in making it quicker and more user-friendly.
  • Improved Class list functionality in the Results Portal
    In the Results Portal changes have been made to class list functionality to make it more user-friendly.
    • Fewer columns in the default view, but all the data is still available with just a click.
    • Ability to customise the Class list view. Customers can choose which data parameters they wish to make visible to create their own views. 
  • New Icon indicating the RAN is below average
    After some great customer feedback, we have updated the RAN warning symbol. The yellow warning triangle will now be replaced with a red flag for greater visibility.
Bugs that have been fixed
  • The link from the Testing Application to the Knowledge Base Article “Updating the Testing Application" is now working again.
  • Results were sometimes showing as a percentile score of 0. The percentile scores should range between is 1-100, this error has been corrected.
  • We have changed a UK comprehension question for year 3, text B, to include the correct answer of “Under the stairs”.
  • Email addresses are all now working correctly even those containing a “+” sign.


Lexplore System Version 5.26

Date: 2021-03-25

Lexplore General
  • NEW! "Becoming a Lexplore Certified Examiner Course"
    We can now welcome all 'Examiners to be' to our new online course "Becoming a Lexplore Certified Examiner Course". This will save a lot of time for schools and organisations as well as for the Examiners. They will be able to:
    • Enrol on the course regardless of location. The entire course is completed online.
    • Complete the course at their own pace.
    • Start testing the pupils as soon as they have received their Certificate.
  • Analysis of results with updated and improved analysis model
    Our research and development team have had two important breakthroughs which enhance our ability to accurately map pupil's Reading Ability.
    • Previously, Lexplore analysed and presented Fluency and Language Comprehension separately. In February we launched an updated analysis model in which these two components are now jointly analysed and presented. Together, they determine a percentile.  
    • Beginning in the fall of 2020, we were able to include data from pupils in year 2 (US grade 1), giving us a more extensive foundation for analysis.  As such, we are able to provide a more precise and exact presentation of the percentile. 
Lexplore Results Portal
  • A new message alerting the examiner to review a testing session
    Message "Review needed by Examiner" will appear in the Results Portal when a saved testing session deviates from the norm. We instruct the Examiner to review the saved recording and either: 
    • CONFIRM or
  • Ability to import colleagues as Users into the Results Portal en masse
    For a while it's been possible to import pupils, entire classes or schools directly to Lexplore via an Excel spreadsheet, instead of adding them one by one. This is also now possible to import staff members and colleagues. You can import lists via an Excel spreadsheet instead of adding them one by one.

  • NEW! Function in our Lexplore Intensive reading material adding speech to text
    While reading the material pupils can get assistance with the pronunciation of a word. Touch or tap a word and the computer will read the word aloud.

  • Examiners gets direct feedback on recordings.
    In Testing Application at Step 5 of the test flow in a testing session, Examiners will get direct feedback if the recording quality of a test is too poor and if a retest is recommended.

  • Stimuli texts for adults available in the USA
    • 32 new stimuli texts have been added to for grades 9 -12 in USA.
    • These are fact based texts to target the older students and possible adults.
  • Lexplore App in Microsoft Teams launched in the USA
Bugs that have been fixed
  • Testing Application version 5.23.2357.0 is now updating automatically again. Users that have this version need to uninstall and download the Application again.
  • Upload from the Testing Application was not working when restarting the Application after 24h, that has now been fixed.
  • Eye tracker firmware is now installing as it should.
  • It is possible to reset phone numbers without getting error messages.
  • A small deprecated hidden button to show positioning for student has been removed.
  • Old install pages have been removed.
Lexplore System Version 5.25 

 Date: 2021-02-11

Lexplore Results Portal
  • Reading Ability results are now based on fluency & comprehension  
    • Lexplores Reading Ability Level now reflects an algorithm that considers both reading fluency and comprehension scores. 

Lexplore’s Reading Ability level reflects the pupil’s overall ability to read a text and understand what was read. 

  • New Icon for RAN score  
    • Slow performance on the RAN (Rapid Automised Naming) test could be an indicator that a child is at-risk of reading difficulties and therefore may require more comprehensive assessment. 
    •  RAN score that falls below an expected range will now be indicated by an icon in the Results Portal. 
    • More information regarding RAN can be found in our online Knowledge Base and by clicking the information (“i") button in the Results Portal.
  • Training Schools are now categorised separately 
    • The Results Portal now displays training schools separately from “real” schools. 
    • Any assessment conducted in “training mode” must take place there.  
    • Separating the “training” and “real” schools was done for ease of use and clarity of testing and results. 
  • Class level results now include a “Need Review”
    A new column “Review Recording” will be visible in the Class level 
    • Allows quick overview of which pupil's results need review.
    • Visible by default to all Examiners
    • Those indicated with Need Review” are also tagged with a warning icon.
    • “Need Review” pupils can be quickly sorted and grouped for expedited processing. 
  • Pupils in “Need Review” have been aggregated into one category 
    • Previously there were three categories for “Need Review”. All three are now combined under “Recordings in need of review”. 
    • By clicking in the “Review Recording, you’ll see the specific reason for review and guidance for resolution.  
  • New Feature! Show All Pupils
    • Quickly access all pupils, even in multiple classes. 
  • Reading Age and Standard Score progress (U.K) 
    • Standard Score and Reading Age are now included as options in progress monitoring chart in each pupil’s profile. 
    • Progress of the data can be seen over time. 
Bugs that have been fixed 
  • Ability to import pupils in the same school year 
  • Sorting schools and classes while importing 
  • Updated language translation of specific portal messages 
  • Excel export now allows the ability to include punctuation 

Lexplore System Version 5.24

Date: 2021- 01-19

 Lexplore Application
  • Improved login for Lexplore users 
    We provide a couple of different login methods to the Lexplore Results Portal, and instead of you having to remember which one your organisation uses you now simply do this:
    • Type in only your email address.
    • The system will recognise your login provider and direct you forward. 
  • Reading comprehension– We have removed the option of Did not participate. 
    Following Examiner feedback, we have now removed the option to choose Did not participate” in the reading comprehension part of the assessment.  
    • Testing Application For each question in the test, the Examiner can mark either Correct” or “Wrong following the answer provided by the pupil. The instructions in the Application have been updated providing details of this. 
    • Results Portal Old results with answer “Did not participate” will not be alteredAny previous results can still be edited. 
  • New Zealand
    We are pleased to welcome Organisations from New Zealand to use Lexplore.
  • UK: Data collection of Year 1  
    It is now possible to add and import Year 1 pupils to enable us to start our data collection.  
    Reading ability results will be presented when testing.  
    The analysis for the results will be based on Year 2- August data Percentile scores will be presented.
    Please note there will be no data developed for Reading Age and YLE for this year group until the data collection is completed. 
Bugs that have been fixed
  • 'Not reading yet' per year group now has clear distinction from the other levels of grading in the overview visualisation.
  • Lexplore Score is now included in the Excel report when exporting data.
  • If a user, who belongs to several organisations, needs to change their email address, it can be changed in one organisation and it will automatically updated in the other/s.
  • Now test sessions are finalised automatically.
  • Originally you couldn't add students to a class if one student in the Excel file already exists in Lexplore. This is no longer the case and is now possible.


Lexplore System Version 5.23

Date: 2020-11-25

Lexplore Application

New installation process.

  • All new installations now have a new interface 
  • When a new version of Testing Application is available, the Application will download it automatically. In order for the latest version to be updated you will be asked to restart the Application. This enables all users to access the latest version of the software. 
  • The MSI deployed from schools IT-Admins can be updated by the users for themselves now (with this version and all future versions) 
  • Shortcut to status "Not reading yet"
    • A new button for "not reading yet" is now available on the class list at step 1 of the test flow
    • This button is only available with network connection, if not, it is greyed out
    • Only for students in grade K (Year 1 in the UK)
Lexplore Result Portal
  • Automatic publishing of results and removing the status of "Under Review"
    • Results with no severe error will now be published immediately
    • Potential errors will prompt a message "Result Pending" or "Analysis not possible"
    • Both of the above messages include details of the any actions required. This information is displayed on the student profile in the Results Portal
  • "Not reading yet" with on/off switch
    • Examiners can now turn on/off "not reading yet"
    • You can mark a student as "Not reading yet” in the class list
    • This is available to Examiners if they recorded on the wrong student and need to edit their actions
    • Only for students in grade K (Year 2 in the UK)
  • Lexplore Score with updates
    • In our new graph for 'Lexplore Score' we have added reference lines, so you will be presented with reference data 2 months before the first result and 7 months after the latest result
    • This is a way to measure if the students follow the median or deviate from it
  • Email invitation link
    • A new feature has been added for when a user misses the invitation link that is sent to their email address
    • Click on invitation link in user account and a private email will automatically be sent to that recipient
  • Reading Speed - School average
    • The calculation of school average for Reading Speed, Fixation Time and Saccadic length is now based on all the students in the school. Previously it was only calculated on the grade the student attended.
    • A teacher or a principal can now see the average for all grades in the school.
    • This data can also be compared to the national average
  • Importing large amount of students into the Results Portal for testing
    • Around 20,000 students can now be imported at once
    • Importing this amount should take about 30 seconds
    • If the time exceeds 30 seconds you will receive an email notification once the import has finished
    • You can continue with other tasks whilst the data is importing
  • German grade 1-9 added
  • USA: Grade 9 added
    • And updated stimuli texts for grade 7&8
Bugs that have been fixed
  • Excel export - Reading speed (aloud) showed the wrong value
  • "Not Reading yet" is counted in the number of students in need of support


Lexplore System Version 5.22

Date: 2020-10-28

Lexplore Application
  • Not reading yet - Mark if the student read the text.
    • Grade 1 (Year 2 in UK).
    • A new step have been added to the Testing Application, where the examiner can mark if the student read most of the text or not. If the examiner marks that the student read the entire text or most of the text, will the student progress with the second text, and the result will be analysed as normal. If the examiner selects the third option I assisted the pupil with the majority of the text as they can’t read yet the test will be ended and the result will automatically be set to “Not reading yet”.
Lexplore Result Portal
  • Lexplore Score - can be seen on the charts on the student page.
    • Lexplore Score has been developed to measure and visualise a students individual reading development over time. Lexplore score is an absolute measure on a scale (0-1000), without a unit.

  • New result group: "Not reading yet"
    • Grade 1 only (Year 2 in UK)
    • “Not reading yet“ is visualised in the Result Portal alongside the other five reading levels in the aggregated statistics.
  • Grade 9 for Sweden and Norway. + Year 10 for UK. 
  • Automatically remove students from Testing Application after 14 days
    • Test sessions are automatically finalised 14 days after testing. This will remove the students from the Testing Application. 
    • Students can be planned for re-test after the test sessions is finalized.
Bugs that have been fixed
  • Wrong amount of reading comprehension question in class list
    • The maximum number of questions in the class list was 6. Now the correct number is presented.
  • Printout
    • The printout from the Results Portal was not looking good because the navigation bar was hiding information, this has now been fixed.
  • Participation count
    • The count for the number of students who was 'participating' was not counted correctly, it was only on the selected school-year.
  • Updated links to Hubspot knowledgebase.
  • Wrong analysis given for very long recordings
    • Students (especially in grade 1 (UK Year 2)), who had very long recordings got percentile ~12. They will now automatically get percentile 1.


Lexplore System Version 5.21

Date: 2020-09-17

Lexplore Application
  • UK: New student passages. All texts are reviewed and edited to reflect equality and non-bias. All year levels have unique texts per year. Before, the same was the text was used in year 4&5, 6&7, and 8&9.
    • 8 new texts are now available for years 5, 7, 8, 9, 10.
    • Inference questions added from year 4.
Lexplore Result Portal
  • The colour of the the navigation bar has been changed from red to blue.
  • Adding & Editing organisations is now easier when configure MFA, SSO and SIS.
  • All old test sessions from the school year 18/19 &19/20 are now finalised.
  • The Prepare Re-test  button at organisation level has been removed, since it caused an error handling the large data set.
  • Support through to the new Knowledge Base has been added
    • FAQ, Video and Tutorials
    • The user manual has been removed from the Testing Application and the Results Portal
Bugs that have been fixed
  • The high load on the system created a long queue, that caused results to become “under review” or “Analysis not possible” for a long time.
  • Logging out form the Results Portal gave you the wrong logo in the browser tab.
  • Information text was missing for reading ability; Above Average.
  • UK: reading age minimum value is now presented as <= 7:01
  • Updated the distribution of reading ability for months February to July to reflect a larger data set from Hasbrouck& Tindal scientific report 2017.
  • SSO with Skolfederation framework blocked certain customers from signing into the Testing Application.
  • SE: errors when testing with new stimuli in grade 1
  • Quality assurance threshold for percentile drops is removed

Lexplore System Version 5.20

Date: 2020-08-13

Lexplore Application
  • “Application diagnostic” is moved into Network icon now called “Network Test”
Lexplore Result portal
  • List of words - Decoding "sticky words"
  • Reading Result
    • GLE Change to standardized scale
    • GLE Removed as primary result in all countries except USA.
    • Reading age, mark for min/max value. UK only
    • Reading age as default in class list. UK only
    • Info text for Standard Score. UK only
    • Stanine as default in class list. Sweden only
  • Information for examiners why results are showing as “Analysis not possible”
  • Norway: SSO with FEIDE

Lexplore System Version 5.19

Date: 2020-06-25

Lexplore Application
  • Sweden & USA: Removed RAN Grade 4 and above
  • Warning if student distance is to high/low
Lexplore Result portal
  • New languages: French, Norwegian, Portuguese & Portuguese Brazil.
  • Add student with localized excel templates (France, Norway, Brazil and Portugal)
  • Optional email field for students
  • Bug fix: The RAN play-button was written with the label "Text 1"

Lexplore System Version 5.18

Date: 2020-05-28

Lexplore Application
  • SE: changes names of buttons & instructions
Lexplore Result portal
  • Updated Install page and navigation
  • User experience improvements
  • For examiners: Internal Comment edit longer text
  • Improved design of reading speed line chart
  • UK: Option to select reading age as parameter in class list
  • Bug fix: Sorting class list based on columns 

Lexplore System Version 5.17

Date: 2020-04-29

Lexplore Application
  • Renewed Tobii Certificate
Lexplore Result portal
  • Release of grade 5-8
  • Release of Norwegian grade 1-8
  • Language setting
  • Move & delete result as examiner
  • GLE chart design
  • Automatic QA rules  
    • Recordings with only RAN are set to Percentile 1
    • Recordings with poor quality are set to “Analysis not possible”
    • Recordings with poor eye tracking distance are set to “Analysis not possible”
    • Recordings that are unreasonably long are set to Percentile 1
  • Student recommendations for
    • US grade 5&6.
    • UK year 6.

Lexplore System Version 5.16

Date: 2020-03-25

Lexplore Application
  • Application Diagnostic
  • Djibouti - French Stimuli
    • Production grade 1-6
    • Demo grade 1-6
Lexplore Result portal
  • Grade 5&6 analysis (US, UK & SWE)
  • Data export - Excel
  • Clever SIS integration
  • Navigation to administration and help is moved to top right corner
  • New design of reading speed line chart
  • Reading comprehension: presented as text instead of a pie chart
  • Default columns in the class list are changed
  • Eye movements metrics on the student page are removed

Lexplore System Version 5.15

Date: 2020-02-27

Lexplore Application
  • Brazil portuguese stimuli & App language
    • Production grade 1-6 (Data collection)
    • Demo grade 1-6 (result visible)
Lexplore Result portal
  • New design majority of dialogues

Lexplore System Version 5.14

Date: 2020-01-18

Lexplore Application
  • Portuguese stimuli & App language
    • Production grade 1-6 (Data collection)
    • Demo grade 1-6 (result visible)
  • Norwegian stimuli – revised
  • SE: Skolfederationen sign in with services cards ("Tjänstekort")
Lexplore Result portal
  • New web address and domains
    • .se .no .dk .fi .de .fr .in .it .app .org
  • New design  "Add student" dialogue
  • UK: Standard score
  • SE: Stanine score
  • SE: New button “Mitt Lexplore”

Lexplore System Version 5.13.1

Lexplore Result portal

Bug fix: Server error when importing students.

Lexplore System Version 5.13

Date: 2019-12-18

Overall Sytem

New analysis system version 4, based on words correct per minute (WCPM) as reference test. The new ML-model is only applied for students tested in grade 4, after January 1st

Lexplore Application
  • Tobii Platform Runtime 4x - Compliant
  • Mandatory update. – New warning.
  • UK: Logo (Lexplore Analytics)
Lexplore Result portal
  • Integration with Student Information System
  • Updated information texts, with regards to the new analysis system
  • UK: Logo (Lexplore Analytics)
  • UK: Support Corner Link

Lexplore System Version 5.12

Date: 2019-12-04

Lexplore Application
  • German and French stimuli
    • Production for grade 1-8 (data collection)
    • Demo for grade 1-6
Lexplore Result portal
  • New visualization for eye movements
  • Improved user invites
  • Nigeria is added as country code. It’s treated just as UK organizations.
  • Bug fixes: Aggregated statistics was counted wrong when data collection was made.

Lexplore System Version 5.11

Date: 2019-10-31

Lexplore Application
  • RAN: Back button
  • Norway stimuli grade 1-8
    • Data collection
    • Demo
  • Application gui translation: Norwegian, French, German
  • USA major stimuli changes after qualitative analyze
  • UK minor stimuli changes, spelling error etc.
Lexplore Result portal
  • Only reading level results are aggregated. Data collection and under review are removed the aggregated results.
  • Student import – Excel import has replaced the old function for good.
    • Excel templates are available for download.  
    • SWE: Personnummer validation for organizations can be switched off by editing the organization.  
  • DEMO portal is updated with GLE values
  • UK: New support link to “The support corner”
  • UK: Updated info texts
  • SWE: Updated recommendations and new teacher guide

Lexplore System Version 5.10.1

Date: 2019-10-11

Minor bug fixes
  • SWE: Lexplore intensiv lärarhandledning
  • Personnummer with space   
  • Automatic quality assurance for reading speed

Lexplore System Version 5.10

Date: 2019-10-04

Overall System
  • Student Management
  • Performance upgrades  
  • Skolfederationen Encryption SHA 128
Lexplore Application
  • Monitor Calibration instructions on Laptop
Lexplore Result portal
  • Delete Student button
  • Move Student button
  • Excel Import rules
  • Eye Movement visualization
  • Class/ school information per result
  • SWE: Lexplore Intensive
  • Improved invitations flow

Lexplore System Version 5.9.1

Date: 2019-08-23

Lexplore Result portal
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Changed QA-criteria for reading speed

Lexplore System Version 5.9

Date: 2019-08-15

Overall System
  • Changed from a distribution per semester to a refined approach with an empirical distribution per month.
  • Grade Level Equivalent score
Lexplore Application
  • Random text order
  • New user flow for RAN
  • New certificate, warning upon installation
  • Connection status
  • Increased level for microphone warning
Lexplore Result portal
  • Grade level equivalent
  • Reading Age (UK)
  • Student import via excel (Organization/School/Class)
    • Including password protected files
  • No semester selection when adding or re-testing students
  • New countries (Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India, Australia)
  • Updated national average curves (for reading speed etc.)
  • Admin view – more information columns


Lexplore System Version 5.8.1

Date: 2019-06-19

Lexplore Application
  • Service status indicator.  
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements. 

Lexplore System Version 5.8

Date: 2019-05-24

Overall System
  • Link to System Status Information in the Application and on the Result Portal. Information of planned downtime and disturbances. 
Lexplore Application
  • Updated Examiner instructions to achieve even more consistent test results
  • Updated Year 8-9 UK pupil texts used for data collection (minor changes) 
  • System language and instructions in German, French and Norwegian
  • French production student texts for grade 3-4
  • German demo student texts
  • Norwegian demo student texts
Lexplore Result Portal
  • Country selection on the login page. Improved usability for international market. 
  • Assessment result recommendations based on year level and reading level now available for UAE.


Lexplore System Version 5.7

Date: 2019-05-13

Overall System
  • Results approved by the automatic quality review are instantly available to all users with access to the Lexplore web portal  
  • Single sign on with Microsoft Office 365
Lexplore Application
  • Data collected for research comment is changed to “Data collection” and will be automatically set when results are generated for higher grades
  • Minor student text and reading comprehension adjustments
  • Possibility for Examiners to see what results that are under review or not  
Lexplore Result Portal
  • Assessment result recommendations based on grade and reading level (UK only)
  • Bug fixes (users import function, wrong time on laptop leading to log-in failure etc.)

Lexplore System Version 5.6

Date: 2019-04-01

Overall System
  • Possibility to collect data for grade 7-8 in Sweden (adding of 4 texts with questions)
  • Possibility to set up a United Arab Emirates organisation 
Lexplore Application
  • One updated Swedish grade 2 text incl. comprehension questions
  • Updated instruction texts for grade 5-8
Lexplore Result Portal
  • Book recommendations linked to Hegas litterature (SWE only)
  • Examiners no longer needs to use the Complete screening function, which has been removed
  • Imrpoved UX of user administration
Bug Fixes
  • EU and US specific page titles to help finding the right Lexplore Portal login page when searching on the web.


Lexplore System Version 5.5

Date: 2019-03-01

Overall System
  • Possibility to collect data for Year 6-9 for UK
Lexplore Application
  • Eye tracker is default active when connected (eye-tracker icon green instead of grey)
  • Updated instruction texts
  • Two name changes in grade 1/ year 2 texts for US and UK
  • Updated text and comprehension questions for Swedish grade 3 texts
Lexplore Result Portal
  • New design for user administration
  • Examiners can change the answers of the reading comprehension
  • Link to lesson plannings under Elevmaterial for Swedish users
  • Different texts shown for headteachers/teachers when logging in before results are available.
  • More consistent terminology
  • Role name changes
  • UK: Excel pupil import, changed grade to year. 
Bug Fixes
  • Improved loading time in the web browser
  • Resend invitation button
  • Warning if same email address is used
  • Creating schools with the same name
  • Application bug with internet roaming


Lexplore System Version 5.4

Date: 2019-02-01

Overall System
  • Domain whitelist documentation
  • Improved log functionality
  • Data collection: grade 4, spring term
Lexplore Application
  • Improved update procedure with link to release notes
  • Possibility to install the application with MSI package
  • Link to user manual
Lexplore Result Portal
  • Showing what text was read aloud and silently in the student view
  • Reading speed for reading aloud, silently as well as a mean value
  • New support contact information
  • Link to user manual
Bug Fixes
  • User invites, email syntax check
  • Consistent soft function 
  • General UX bugs