Becoming a Certified Lexplore Examiner

Becoming a certified Lexplore Examiner Course is available on our portal under Lexplore Academy. Upon completing the course you can perform testing on pupils with the Lexplore Testing Application. A tool to measure reading ability.

Lexplore is a digital tool that measures children's reading ability using eye tracking and artificial intelligence. With the help of Lexplore, you as an educator get an objective result from the student's reading ability. It only takes a few minutes for a student to take the test, which means that we know that we are only measuring reading and not things like endurance or ability to concentrate.

The screening is done with the help of a computer, a screen and an eye tracker. The eye tracker is located at the bottom of the screen and it is with the help of it that the student's eye movements are read.

Once you have completed the training to become a certified screener, you will have full control of the technical equipment, how the programs work and how you handle the administration and also how you can use the results.

Content of the education
Look at the web training
Practice with colleagues and students
Checklist for recordings
Theoretical test
Congratulations you are certified! You get a certificate for it.

The education consists of two parts: a theoretical part where you study at your own pace and a practical part. After the theoretical training, you practice screening and then evaluate six of your recorded texts using a checklist. When it is ready, you are ready for the test and soon to screen your first students.

Lexplore Education is divided into different sections that have an overall theme. The course is always available to you even when you are certified. This allows you to easily go back to a section if you want to see it again or if you need to refresh your knowledge again before a screening.


As a certified screener, it is you who meets the student at the test. You are the one who knows the tool, the technical parts with computer, screen and eyetracker but also the system with the test application and the results portal.

The more knowledge you have about the different parts, the more confident you will be at the test and can focus on ensuring that the student gets a positive experience during the screening.


Once you have completed the training, you should know Lexplore, the difference between the Test Application and the Results Portal. You should also know how Lexplore can be used in school. You can also prepare and carry out a screening with students with good results and you have good knowledge of how to use the test application and the results portal. If you have a question, you should have received enough information to be able to search for the answer in Lexplore's knowledgebase.