Lexplore Customer Support - channels

Here is a table for the channels we operate in and when we are available.

NOTE: Lexplore support only deals with questions related to technology, guidance in the Assessment Application, Results portal and interpretation of results. Lexplore support does not answer questions related to marketing, collaborations, finances, etc. If you have questions that are not handled by the support, you can find contact details HERE.



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✉️Email - support@lexplore.com

Send us an email with your query. We will get back to you as soon as we can and no later than the following working day.

☎️Phone - +44(0)161 768 9442 (UK)

Call our support line if your query is more urgent. Opening Hours:
8.00- 10.30, 12-3pm
8.00- 10.30, 12-3pm
8.00- 10.30, 12-3pm
8.00- 10.30, 12-3pm
8.00- 11.00, 12-2pm

For our System Support Status Page and any ongoing events affecting our portal or Assessment Application, see: Lexplore System Status Page


Also see: Lexplore Customer Support: Holidays and Restricted Hours