Calibrate the eyetracker for Lexplore Assessment

Calibration is needed before the Lexplore assessment to set the eyetracker for each pupil. This step is important for the pupil's eye movement recordings to be of good quality and reliable.


  1. Check that the equipment and the pupil are in the correct position.
  2. Give the pupil their instructions following the script provided within the Testing Application.
  3. Click "Start Calibration".
  4. The red and green circles are the pupil’s eyes moving across the application interface. Make sure the pupil focuses on the moving circle, especially when it stops. Watch the pupil’s eye movement and give guidance if the pupil does not follow the moving circle around the screen. Also, ensure the pupil stays in the correct position (green positioning tool to the left of the application) and watch that they do not move their head when following the circle.
  5. Calibration ends automatically, and you will be presented with the results which appear as an image on your screen.
  6. If for some reason you want to stop an ongoing calibration, click on "Stop Calibration".
  7. If calibration was unsuccessful, give the pupil the instruction again and click on "Start Calibration". Calibration starts immediately.
  8. When calibration is complete and of approved quality, click "Next".

If you can’t achieve a good calibration with a pupil, try a maximum of three times and then continue with the rest of the test. Ensure you add a comment at the end of the test to advise of the problematic or incomplete calibration.