Get started with Wonde and Lexplore integration

Wonde can be used as an integrated partner to import users and pupils. In order to set up this sync, you need to make a request for Lexplore in Wonde. Find more information here.

An integration between Wonde and Lexplore provides automated imports of pupils and/or staff. The process is that Wonde retrieves ordered data from your Student Information System(SIS) and sends it to Lexplore for automatic update. This process is also called a sync and greatly facilitates administrative work.

Setting up a sync is possible for:

  • Existing customers of Lexplore:
    • Who currently imports pupil manually via Excel file in the Lexplore Portal
    • Who currently have another SIS integration solution (another sync provider)
  • New customers for Lexplore being in the onboarding and about to start up with Lexplore

Make a license request at Wonde by going into referrals

To get started with this integration, we refer you first and foremost to the Wonde portal where you need to add a request for the Lexplore, where you can submit a license request for the Lexplore tool. 

For further information please contact Wonde directly at;

Once a request is made in Wonde we at Lexplore will be notified and you will hear from us with more information about the process.

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