How are the pupil's results presented following the testing?

Following testing, the results are being uploaded to the Results Portal. Here is where all the pupils’ results from the tests are collated.

The overall result for each pupil is presented in one of our five reading levels:

  • Low
  • Below Average
  • Average
  • Above Average
  • High

Each pupil is given an overall percentile score within one of five coloured levels ranging from 0-100 where 1 is a very low level and 100 is the highest result.

These are modeled across a normal distribution curve, where a pupil’s overall percentile is compared to children in the same year group. Individual measurements are also given for each reading component and displayed alongside previous results, the school average, and the national average. Individual Measurement can be found in the pupil's Lexplore Score. 


Results can be displayed on 5 levels:

  • Organisation level
  • School level
  • Class level
  • Pupil level and even by
  • Year group

It provides a clear overview of the pupils' reading ability at each level.

Within each pupil’s reading profile, teachers can find a visual representation of the reading process by viewing the pupils’ eye movement recordings, allowing them to watch and listen to pupils as they read.

The results are presented in Lexplore's secure Results Portal where user permissions control access to data.