How can I enable for Lexplore download as an IT Technician?

The Lexplore Testing Application is available with two different install methods. The most common and recommended method is the ClickOnce install. This method does not require Administrative privileges on the Laptop, which is beneficial since the Examiner/user needs to update the Application frequently. However, custom security rules such as AppBlocker can block users from installing ClickOnce application. If such rules are applied, IT admin must add Lexplore to an allowed list.  

The alternative installation method of Lexplore Application is the MSI package, which is meant for software distribution. It should only be used in cases where it is not possible to install the ClickOnce version. The MSI package requires Administrative privileges on the laptop which can be problematic with frequent updates. It can be time consuming and expensive for the IT department to package and roll out the MSI version, monthly.  


Lexplore requires the installation of Tobii Service Software for the eyetracker to work. This is an MSI package which requires Administrative privileges to install. 

We recommend distributing the Tobii Service MSI centrally from a server, for example via software centres and letting examiners install the ClickOnce application.  Additionally, an icon with a link to the ClickOnce application can be distributed in the software centre to help examiners with the installation.