How do I add comments to a pupil profile in the Results Portal following a test?

Adding comments to a pupil profile.

  1. Log into the Results Portal.
  2. Find and select the pupil you wish to add a comment to.
  3. Click “ADD COMMENT”.
  4. A window will open offering two options: “Internal comment” and “Comment”.
  5. “Internal comment” is only seen by Lexplore Examiners. Use this option to communicate with Lexplore about anything within the test which you think may have impacted on the result. Click “SAVE” to finish.

"Comment" is seen by all users of the Results Portal.  Here you can select one or more of the predefined comments. Click “SAVE” to finish.

Predefined comments and what they mean:

“The Examiner assisted the pupil reading the text”
Watch and listen to the recordings to see how much help the pupil received. If the Examiner has helped the pupil read most of the text it will affect the result and the result is not valid. In this instance the pupil should be marked as an ‘Emerging Reader’. Examiners can assist with reading where pupil’s require support, this comment is useful for colleagues viewing the data as further intervention might be required.

“The pupil did not wear their glasses for the test”
If a pupil needs glasses to read, we advise they wear them for the assessment. If they did not have their glasses on the day of the test, we would advise a retest when they do have them.

“The pupil did not participate (Only available via the Results Portal)”

If the pupil was not in school at the time of testing due to sickness or other absence, we advise marking that they did not participate.

“The pupil was very active”

An active pupil can impact on scores. We advise the Examiners to use this comment so colleagues are aware that activity may have affected the score.

“Poor calibration / incomplete”

If after several attempts the Examiner could not achieve a successful calibration this comment is required. For various reasons not all pupils can calibrate, they can sit the assessment anyway, but poor or incomplete calibration can affect the recording quality and the reading patterns. This comment is useful for colleagues viewing the results.

“The Examiner assisted the pupils with the letters”

Examiners can assist with the RAN as pupils may require support. This is a useful comment for other colleagues viewing the data as further intervention might be required.

Internal Comments (Only visible to Examiners).

Sometimes the Examiner uses the Internal Comments field to provide extra detail about the assessment. For example, “The pupil gave the sounds for the RAN and not the names” or “A coloured overlay was used”. This is useful for intervention support.