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How do I rename a class in the Results Portal?

You can rename a class directly in the Results Portal on the settings page for each specific class. When you have filtered down to a class, a cog for settings appears in the upper right corner.

  1. Log in to Results Portal http://portal.lexplore.com
  2. Navigate to the class you wish to rename.
  3. By filtering down into the class page, a cog for settings will appear in the upper right corner. Delete class1
  4. Click on the cog
  5. In the menu that appears, choose "Settings".
  6. Then write the new name of the class in the open text field. 
    renaming class2

  7. Click "SAVE" and the new name will be saved. By going back to the list of classes, you can see that class has been renamed.

Each class name needs to be unique for the school. If you need to change names between two classes, you first need to add a temporary name for one of the classes. There can not be duplicates.

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