How do I uninstall the Test Application?

You can locate the software on your laptop by searching for it from the Windows menu. If you have an outdated version of the test app on your laptop / PC that needs to be manually uninstalled or removed, you will find out here how to proceed.

Guide on how to uninstall the Lexplore test application from your laptop / PC: 

  1. Find the right program by typing "Lexplore" in the search box next to the Windows menu on your desktop. You will then receive suggestions on which programs match. 
  2. Highlight Lexplore in the list that appears, and to the right, you will get various options.
  3. Select "Uninstall".
  4. You will see a new box with a list of programs. Locate the Lexplore Application and then right-click on the name. Select "Uninstall".
  5.  A new box will appear asking "Do you want to uninstall Lexplore Application". Click "Yes" and follow the instructions.  

If you need to go on with installing the application again, please see: Install the Testing Application

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