Lexplore Fluency

Practising decoding and fluency over an intensive period is a method that produces quick results when looking to improve reading.

At Lexplore, we recommend our Fluency Practice for all pupils. Precision Teaching methods are suggested for struggling readers where Fluency Practice has not made an impact.

Lexplore Fluency Practice

In order to improve reading fluency, we provide Fluency Practice exercises for both large and small groups.  You can however if you wish use this with individual pupils where required.

Fluency Practice exercises can be found in our online, digital library. Exercises are then assigned at the appropriate Lexplore reading level and pupils practise reading in pairs, taking turns to read their individual section out loud. As these exercises are assigned online, teachers have control over the fluency exercises that the pupils are practising (exercises can also be downloaded and printed).

In the library, you will also find a number of books that are appropriate for each coloured Lexplore reading level.  As a teacher, you are able to choose whether your pupils have access to all the books or just one. In addition, pupils’ reading progress is automatically saved and they can pick up where they left off each time. 

All Fluency Practice that the pupils' have completed will be shown in between their assessments within the Insights Portal. 

Instructions for Fluency books

Here you can get some help on how to administrate the Fluency Practice books!

How to share QR codes with your pupils

How to work with your pupils

Lexplore Intensive recommended for Precision Teaching

Pupils who struggle the most with reading, mainly those at low and below average reading levels, may require individual support. For this purpose, we offer Lexplore Intensive as PDF documents.

These documents provide step-by-step precision teaching methods at each coloured Lexplore level, allowing one-to-one interventions for those readers who struggle the most. These documents are also supported by additional resources to track the pupils’ progress and a simple guide on how to deliver these exercises effectively.

Lexplore Intensive is available for pupils at all reading levels.

You find all instructions for Lexplore Intensive inside the Insights Portal!

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