Print Fluency Practice

In this article, we will provide instructions for printing the Fluency Practice resources to use with your pupils.

  1. Inside the Insights Portal, click on "LIBRARY", which will take you to the books and reading lists page.

  2. Filter to reading lists by using "Sort and Filter", and select Reading Fluency Training in "Genre".

  3. Depending on the level of reading lists you wish to save and print, use filtering to display your lists. You may want to start with "reading level", which is common according to an assessment result, then select the required criteria in that box.

  4. When you select the criteria, such as red in this example, you will see all the lists under the red category. Click on a list to get details of that list, here you can also choose to "DOWNLOAD" the resource(s) you have chosen.  Once you have downloaded the list, you can open and print it.

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