Checklist when reading the comprehension questions

Points to remember when reading the comprehension questions.

  • The questions should be asked in a neutral tone.
  • When the pupil provides an answer, respond with ’Ok’ or ’Thank you’.
  • If the pupil wants to change their answer to a previous question, this is acceptable. Make the amendment where needed.
  • If the pupil does not answer at all, but just sits quietly or shrugs, mark the answer as 'Wrong' and move on to the next question. Again, saying ‘OK’ is a good way to move on.
  • It is ok to repeat questions if the pupil does not respond.
  • Avoid rephrasing questions.
  • The Examiner must not help the pupil with answering the questions.
Please Note: The Testing Application is still recording sound whilst the Examiner is asking the pupil the comprehension questions. This is indicated by a red banner which is visible above the questions.