What can be found in the Lexplore Portal?

The Lexplore Portal is where all results from testing sessions are being published on pupil profiles. It's also where organisations can administer their schools, classes, pupils and staff. Pupil's reading activities can also be seen if they have any.

The Lexplore Portal is where all the pupils’ results from the tests are collated.

As well as displaying overall scores, the Lexplore Portal is also able to provide teachers with some guidelines for intervention depending upon a pupil’s overall reading level. These are given as an overall summary to help with the interpretation of results. They can also be expanded to provide suggestions, resources and activities relating to each individual reading component.

Within each pupil’s reading profile, teachers can watch a visual representation of the reading process and listen to pupils, as they read.

The Lexplore Portal also allows results to be compared across multiple levels, from an organisation all the way down to an individual class.

By selecting an individual class, pupil profiles and individual results can then also be viewed within a table and sorted in order of reading ability.

You can also follow the results over time to get a clear picture of school, class, and pupil progress.