What does "Nothing to import" means when importing pupil data into the Results Portal?

The name for the School on the Excel file must be exactly the same as the School name is written in the Results Portal, if not you will get the message "Nothing to import". 

Nothing to Import Message-min

Change the school name on the Excel file and ensure the name is replicated for every pupil listed on the spreadsheet. It will not be possible for the system to process the Excel file if you only change the school name on one of the lines of data.

Once the name has been changed, save the file and try importing it again.

General Information

When importing an Excel file containing pupil data into the Results Portal, certain formats need to be used. Each column requires a header, which needs to be spelled correctly and in the required format e.g. ‘First Name’ must be used instead of ‘Forename’.  

The table below describes the column headers needed and the required formats for each of the column’s data. All columns are mandatory except Gender and Pupil Email Address.