What does "Recordings in need of review" mean?

Instead of seeing both "Analysis not Possible" and "Pending Results" there is now one combined status of "Recordings in Need of Review"

Results Portal: To draw attention to assessments that may need to be reviewed or redone before a result can be published, we have included them in the same category. 

If you log into the Results Portal and see "Recordings in need of review", you will need to click on the header "Recordings in need of review" in order to see a detailed view of the pupils' results that need attention. There, you will find more detailed information on what needs to be done before results can be published.

  • You will see the message on the overall results for the school giving a quick overview.
  • There is a new column “Review Recording” visible at the Class level.
  • Those indicated with “Need Review” are also tagged with a warning icon.
  • Pupils with the status of “Need Review” can be quickly sorted and grouped for expedited processing.
  • Visible by default for all Examiners

Please see the example pictures below:

first view of recordings in need of review

pupils list recordings in need of review