What does "Review needed by Examiner" mean?

The message "Review needed by Examiner" will be visible in the overview of the Lexplore Results Portal to everyone with access to your organisation. It will appear to make you aware that there are saved testing sessions that need to be reviewed before being saved.

Although this alert will be visible to everyone with access, changes can only be made by the Examiners.

The message is typically triggered when a saved testing session deviates from the norm. It could be due to:

  • The Reading Speed is unusually high, or
  • The recording quality is poor
  • Pupil read only one of the two texts

As an Examiner, you can make corrections by navigating to the specific pupil profile and checking the recording(s).

Here are some reasons why recordings need to be reviewed:

More than one test per assessment session.
View the pupil’s assessment sessions and check if there are any comments from the Examiners. Perhaps there is a comment on the first session that advises that something did not go as planned. If so, delete the session. If there are no comments, listen to both sessions to see if it is the same pupil. Ask the Examiner for further information and delete the session that is not required.

Poor recording quality.
The system warns if the quality of a recording is too poor and will not provide any results. We would advise you watch the recordings and then retest the pupil where possible.

Incorrect distance between the monitor and the pupil.

The correct distance is between 48 – 80 cm. If both recordings are outside of the distance parameters, the result is not valid. This is usually also seen in the quality of the recording. Retest where possible.

Reading speed – exceeds the limits the Machine Learning expects.
Watch the recordings to see if the pupil has read both texts in full and within the guidelines. If the pupil appears to have read the text very quickly, check if they have given the correct answers to the comprehension questions. If you are confident the texts were read properly, accept the results. If you are unsure, we would always advise you retest. If one of the texts has not been read properly, delete the session and retest. Not reading the text in full can impact negatively on the scores.

The picture below provides an example of what the message and accompanying information could look like. In this example, Reading Speed is unusually high.

Review Needed by the examiner

Once the Examiner has seen the suggestion shown in the example above, they may either: 

  • "CONFIRM", or

The message will disappear after one of these actions has been taken.