What should I do if the Tobii eye tracker is in a "Faulted state"?

If your Tobii eye tracker is in a "Faulted state" and is not connecting, please try the following steps:

  • First, please ensure that you have downloaded the Tobii Service for the Eye Tracker, which can be found on Lexplore's Install page:

    • UK Installation Page
    • USA Installation Page
    • Don't forget that rebooting your computer sometimes performs miracles. This should also be done after any software or firmware updates have been made.
    • Rarely, the Tobii Service must be uninstalled/reinstalled and the computer must be rebooted to solve the "Faulted state" status.
    • If the Tobii service is installed, please ensure that it is running.  For further information about this please click here for the Installation Guide and go to eye tracker troubleshooting section (8.0).
  • Second, the eye tracker needs sufficient power.  Please ensure that your device (laptop/desktop PC) is plugged into a power source.  A low battery on a laptop may cause the eye tracker to fail to launch.
  • Finally, it could be due to your USB port

    • Check that your USB port is working - plug in another device to ensure it's not the USB at fault.
    • If all USB ports are working and the eye tracker still appears in a "Faulted state", ensure that the eye tracker is connected to the USB 3.0 port.
      • Computers typically have both USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports. 
      • USB 3.0 ports provide more power and are optimal for the eye tracker. 
      • Ideally, the eye tracker should be connected to a USB 3.0 port at all times.
    • Check to see if your USB controller is cutting off power to the tracker. Please try changing the power settings for it. Go to Device Manager - USB controllers - click on the USB controller in use - Go to Power Management and make sure "Allow to turn off devices to save power" is not ticked/checked.
    • Make sure that your USB controller can continuously provide at least 1.5 - 2W of power. Some controllers have power caps or are configured to save power so that might limit the amount of power given to each USB device.
    • Check that "Save Power" is not selected for your USB controller. Open Device Manager and expand Universal Serial Bus controllers. Click on the USB controller in use for the tracker and go to Power Management (not available for all USB controllers). Check that Save Power is not selected.

    • If you're using a USB extension cable, it must be the one provided by Tobii. 

      *Alternatives: a) powered USB hub or b) hub with BC 1.2 ports - marked with a flash.