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What to do about message advising the pupil only read the RAN and one of the texts?

"The result shown is only from one text that the pupil has read".

You do not need to do anything, but please be aware that the result is based on only one text that has been saved and not the RAN.

During the test, the pupil usually reads two texts, the first aloud and the second silently. If you have received the message "The result shown is only from one text that the pupil has read", it means that the Examiner only saved one text from the assessment. The result is based purely on this text. However, if you want the result to be available for both texts, you must delete the recording and redo the entire assessment from the beginning.

There may be several reasons why only one text was saved:

  • The Examiner read the text to the pupil, therefore they chose not to save the recording.
  • The pupil struggled with the text, so the Examiner chose to end the test after one text.
  • The Examiner accidentally missed saving one of the recorded texts.