When to mark correct or incorrect on comprehension questions

When you have stopped the recording of the pupil reading, the comprehension questions follow immediately afterward. They only appear on your screen; the pupil will not see the questions. The questions are asked by the Examiner, one at a time, and the answers are marked Correct or Incorrect in the boxes provided within the Lexplore Application.


An answer is considered "Correct" when a Pupil

  • States an answer from the options provided by Lexplore.
  • Provides a synonym of the options provided by Lexplore.
  • Self-corrects a previous answer.
  • All grammatical forms of the correct answer are accepted.
  • The pupil will give more information than you were asking for, and by doing so provides the answers to upcoming questions.

    An answer is considered "Incorrect" when a Pupil

    • Provides a response that is not related (or comparable) to the options provided by Lexplore.
    • Answers "I don't know" or "I don't remember".
    • Shakes their head or shrug their shoulders as if they don't know.
    • Stays quiet and doesn't answer.

    PLEASE NOTE: Lexplore no longer provides a third marking option of "Did not participate" as pictured below. Only previous versions contained this option.  The current version offers  "Correct answer" or "Incorrect answer ".

    When all answers are completed, click "Next" to continue.


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