News and updates | 2022-09-13

Lexplore launches new digital reading service 

Award Winning reading development company Lexplore announces launch of new Reading Services to further the work on assessing and developing reading skills.

In the fall of 2021 Lexplore announced the acquisition of the popular Norwegian reading company Lesemester. Together, these products now create a powerful reading service that is designed to motivate pupils, empower teachers, and create impact on reading journeys all over the world.

"Lexplore is a success story within edtech because we get an objective
basis to help understand
what efforts are needed to develop reading”,
says Lars Lingman in the podcast Livslångt by Rise
(Research Institutes of Sweden)

Now we build further on that basis to offer a unique reading service with individual recommendations of books and reading exercises all based on the screenings result.

How it works

A fully objective reading assessment using AI and Eye Tracking offers powerful insights into the reading levels of every pupil. Based on these levels the pupil get recommended exercises and books to read to develop their reading skills. Data from every activity including assessment, physical and digital books read, and all exercises performed creates powerful insights about the reading development for the pupil, the class, school as well as an entire municipality.

“We aim to challenge the status quo by disrupting the way schools
work with assessing and developing reading ability for all pupils”,
says Martin Sjöstrand, CEO of Lexplore.

About Lexplore

Lexplore was founded in 2016 as a spin-off of a research project at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. Today, the company uses unique methods to measure reading ability by using eye tracking and AI in over 1500 schools in several countries all over the world. Lexplore now also offers a library of thousands of books from different publishers, with gamification, reading comprehension questions and interactivity to increase engagement and spark interest in reading among students. In addition, a reading diary, where students can track both physical and digital reading, will be available. The reading platform is designed to offer each student a chance to develop their skills in their own way and at their own pace. Reading development as it should be. The new Reading Service has been tested with selected Swedish, Norwegian and UK schools. It is now available in Norway, Sweden and Internationally.

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