Hide or show pupils' names in Lexplore

The pupils' names can be anonymised and replaced with numbers in the Lexplore portal. A good feature for when showing examples and the pupil's identity isn't relevant. This article shows you how to do that.

Note: This temporary anonymisation / hiding pupils names should not be confused with the permanent anonymisation of pupils personal identifiable information that Lexplore does after a pupil has left an organisation. You can read more about that here: Permanent anonymisation of pupils' data

Anonymising the pupils’ names

  1. Log in to the Lexplore Portal.
  2. Click on the checkbox on the far right where it says Anonymise.

  3. When the checkbox is checked, the pupils are shown as numbers, when it is unchecked, the pupils' names are visible.

    NOTE: You can anonymise and de-anonymise pupils' names when you are on any level of the Lexplore portal. Your preference is remembered as you navigate around, and even login/logut. 

When you go from showing the pupils' names in the class list (alphabetical order) to anonymising, the class list changes to instead display Pupil ID's in chronological order.

Please note that when you anonymise a pupil on the pupil's profile page, the date of birth is also replaced with today's date.

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