Anonymise pupils' names in Lexplore

Anonymising the students' names means replacing the students' names with a number. What Lexplore refers to as Pupil ID. This function can be found in the Lexplore portal under "Insights" where you filter by school and class.

The function to anonymize the students' names in the Lexplore portal means that instead of the name, a number is generated, what we usually call Pupil ID. This function can preferably be used if you want to show a colleague, guardian, or management.

When contacting Lexplore Support regarding a pupil and when identifying a pupil in the Lexplore portal is relevant in order to solve a support case, we always ask for the Pupil ID.

Anonymising the pupils’ names

  1. Log in to the Results Portal.
  2. The "Anonymise" check box is on the left under the filter options. (In the picture below no real names are shown. This is taken from our Demo school with fictitious pupils.)

  3. When the box is ticked, the pupils are given numbers, and when the box is empty, the pupils' names are displayed.
  4. Depending on whether you have filtered down to only organisation, school or class, the Pupil ID is displayed instead of the name at that level. Pupil data can be anonymised at all levels.

When you go from showing the pupils' names in the class list (alphabetical order) to anonymizing, the class list changes to instead display Pupil ID's in chronological order.

If you wish to obtain the Pupil ID of a specific student, it is more effective if you first click on that particular student before clicking on "Anonymise". Please note that when you anonymise a pupil on the student's profile page, the date of birth is also replaced with today's date.

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