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Change phone number for user login

When logging in with Lexplore Local Account; email, password, and a verification code, you will need to have your mobile nearby. If you change your mobile number it also needs to be changed in the Lexplore portal for your login.

The roles within an organisation Lexplore account, that has access to help change login credentials for another user are the following:

  • Organisation Administrator
  • Project leader
  • Ambassador
  • Examiner

You can change the phone number of anyone who does not have the same role as you. Contact Lexplore support if you need assistance.

Here is how you change/reset phone number used for verifying login.

  1. Log into the Lexplore Results Portal. 
  2. Click on your name in the upper right-hand corner and select "Administration".
  3. Select the organisation.
  4. Find the individual’s name in the list of “Staff” and scroll to the right.

  5. Click the "Reset Account" - button shown above. 
  6. The user will receive a new email inviting them to reset their account. Following the instructions in the email, they will add their email address again and in the final step a new phone number. It is the same procedure as when setting up an account, and you can read more about how to accept an invitation here: How to accept a Result Portal invitation

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