Delete pupil from the Lexplore Portal

If a pupil has left the school or for any reason should not be included in the statistics, you can remove a pupil from a class, the school, or the entire organisation.

When necessary, you can delete a student from the class, school, or organization if you are authorized to do so, e.g. if you are a project manager, ambassador, or organisation administrator in your organization. If you lack that permission, contact the user in your organization who does.

If your school or Academy Trust has an active integration between the Student Information System (SIS) and Lexplore the manual function of deleting pupils is limited. The main administration of pupils is then handled in the SIS and then automatically updated in Lexplore.

How to remove the pupil from the class, school, or organisation;

  1. Log into the Results Portal.
  2. Filter down to the class.
  3. Find and select the pupil you wish to delete. A cog will appear in the upper right corner. Click on the cog.

  4. By clicking the cog you will be directed to the Admin page and pupil settings.

  5. Scroll down to the bottom to find the option to "DELETE PUPIL". 
  6. When clicking "DELETE PUPIL" you can then select if you wish to delete the pupil from the class only, from the school, or even from the entire organisation. (The organisation in some cases can be an Academy Trust/District, it depends on how your Portal has been structured).
  7. Type "delete" in the field provided and then click "CONFIRM".

The pupil will then be deleted.

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