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Difference between reading comprehension and listening comprehension

Lexplore measures the fundamental processes affecting reading, decoding, and language comprehension.

Reading Comprehension: is measured when the pupil reads on their own and subsequently answers questions relating to the text read.

Listening Comprehension: is measured when the pupil is being read a text and subsequently answers questions related to the text they have just heard.

The difference between a reading comprehension test and a listening comprehension test is that reading comprehension is measured from decoding + language comprehension, whereas listening comprehension solely measures language comprehension.

Lexplore's result displayed as Reading Ability

Reading Comprehension is an overall assessment of a pupil's ability to read a text on their own, and the ability to understand the content that has been read.

If the pupil interprets the text and content by listening to someone else reading a text aloud, that resembles more of a listening comprehension test.

Lexplore assessment of Reading Ability, not only includes Reading Comprehension (decoding and language comprehension), but also fluency.

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