Hardware required for using the Lexplore Testing Application

Here is a complete overview of what hardware you need to have in place for successful testing. You will also find links to related topics throughout this article to help you get started

Hardware Overview

Lexplore’s reading assessment requires:

  • Laptop and charger
  • External Monitor
  • Tobii Eye tracker.

The Examiner uses the Laptop, and the pupil sits in front of the external monitor which has the Tobii eye tracker mounted underneath.

KB article on required hardware

Test equipment: External monitor, Tobii eye tracker, laptop with the Lexplore Testing Application installed on it.

These are the minimum standards for any PC purchased to run the Lexplore software and system:


The Examiner's laptop must be a Windows pc.

Lexplore’s software does not demand a lot of capacity, but there are still minimum requirements in order for the software to work properly. Please see the listed requirements below.

  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro or Home (S Mode / Safe Mode is not supported)
  • Display: 12” screen, with 1920x1080 resolution
  • CPU (processor): Intel i3 2Ghz or higher e.g. Intel i5 or i7
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Disk space: 5GB of available disk space
  • 1x USB port (2.0 BC 1.2* or 3.0)
  • Connection for Monitor
    1x: HDMI port, USB port (USB 2, USB 3, USB C) , VGA, or DVI
  • Connection for Eye Tracker
    1x: USB 2 or USB 3 - preferably

You can also use a PC if a laptop is not available. If you chose this option, you would still need an external monitor.


The pupil sits in front of the monitor. The distance between the pupil and the monitor screen must be 50-80 cm. It’s important that you are able to adjust the angle and height of the monitor screen in order for the eye tracker to work properly. Hence, the monitor stand should be quick and easy for the Examiner to adjust for each pupil. Ideally, you should be able to tilt the monitor screen forward or backward as needed.

The mounting magnet for the eye tracker is attached to the bottom of the monitor’s frame.

The Laptop must have a suitable connection to the monitor. We recommend HDMI, but other digital connections are also possible as long as the resolution is fulfilled.

Size: 15” – 27”
Resolution: minimum 1366 x 768

Eye Tracker

Lexplore requires the use of a Tobii 4C Eye tracker or Tobii 5L Eye tracker. This device is connected to the laptop with USB 2.0. It’s mounted to the external monitor with a magnet that comes with the eye tracker.

The eye tracker sends out infrared light. The light is reflected in your eyes. Those reflections are picked up by the eye tracker's cameras. Through filtering and calculations, the eye tracker knows where you are looking. The eye tracker can detect the presence, attention and focus of the user.

Lexplore requires the installation of Tobii Service software for the eye tracker to work. This is an MSI package that requires Administrative privileges to install. We recommend our customers distribute this through a software centre.

More about the Tobii eye tracker:

Besides having your hardware in place you also need to install two pieces of software (the Testing Application and the Tobii Service) and you will also need the correct permissions on your laptop/organisation's network to run the installations. For further information about what software is required click here.

The Testing Application requires an internet connection for the Examiners to login and for uploading recordings. Recordings are temporarily stored on the computer until the upload is completed. The pupils reading pattern (eye movements) and the voice recording are analysed with a machine learning model in the cloud. The results are then presented in the web-based Results Portal.