How do I calibrate the pupil monitor?


Calibrating the pupil monitor.

Before the pupil monitor can be used with the Testing Application, it needs to be calibrated. You only need to calibrate it when the display settings icon is red or if the Testing Application advises you to do so.


The ‘Display’ icon will be red.

Both options will present a ‘Calibrate Monitor’ button. You will need to click on this button and the following text will appear on your laptop/PC screen:


The pupil monitor will also display some instructions:

To calibrate the pupil monitor, do the following:

  1. Place the pupil monitor next to your laptop/PC so you can see both screens at the same time.
  2. Move the mouse cursor over to the pupil monitor. To do this, move the cursor in one direction over to the far side of your laptop/PC screen. If the mouse does not move onto the pupil monitor, try doing the same thing but move the mouse in the other direction.
  3. The black bars that have appeared on the pupil monitor should match up with the white lines on the top of the eye tracker. If they don't, position the black bars by pulling them from side to side using your mouse. Do this by clicking on the line or the little arrows either side of the line. If needed, click on the lines and move them sideways until they align with the white markings on top of the eye-tracker.
  4. When the lines are correctly positioned press ‘Done’
  5. Then return the mouse cursor to your laptop/PC screen.
  6. The pupil monitor screen should now be white with the Lexplore logo in the middle. If so, the pupil monitor is now correctly calibrated.