How do I deliver the reading comprehension questions?

Delivering the reading comprehension questions.

  1. When the pupil has finished reading, click ‘Next’ or press the space bar on the laptop or PC to stop the eye movement recording. The reading comprehension questions then appear for you to ask the pupil. The pupil will not see the questions.
  2. Following the script in the Testing Application, advise the pupil they will now answer some questions.
  3. Ask the questions, one at a time. You should not help or give any feedback on the answers or formulate any further questions.
  4. If the pupil does not answer, proceed to the next question. When you have asked all questions, you can go back to the question that the pupil did not answer the first time and ask it again.
  5. After each question, mark the answers from the options provided.
Then click on ‘Next’ to save the questions.