How do I interpret the results?

Interpreting the results.

The results not only give you an overview of the pupils' reading ability, they also show if the pupils understood the texts they have read.

Overall results are presented across 5 reading levels from low to high and provided as a percentile value ranging from 0-100. 1 is low level and 100 is the highest result. Percentile scores provide an overview of reading ability, but the Results Portal also provides a more granular analysis of pupil reading ability.

An individual measure is provided for each reading component, giving teachers the ability to assess whether a child is struggling with their ability to decode text / their fluency / or their reading speed.

The questions the pupil answers after reading the texts give you a picture of the pupil’s ability to understand the text. Making comparisons between reading ability scores and comprehension scores can give you an insight into a pupil’s ability to understand language.

Some pupils can have a high reading ability but answer the questions incorrectly because they do not have a strong understanding of language. To develop their reading comprehension, these pupils might need more support to help strengthen their vocabulary and grammatical skills.