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How do I write comments on the recordings in the Testing Application?

Writing comments on the recordings in the Testing Application.

Comments can only be added if you have an internet connection. Also, the pupil's recordings are not uploaded while you are adding comments.

The comment ‘The pupil did not participate’ must be entered in the Results Portal.  This comment is not available in the Testing Application.

To add a comment:

  1. Click the speech bubble next to the name of the pupil you want to add a comment to.
  2. A separate window will open with two fields ‘Comment’ and ‘Internal comment’.
  3. ‘Comment’, here you can choose from a list of predefined comments, adding as many as you feel necessary. Anything entered in this field will be visible to all users of the Results Portal. Click on ‘Save’ when you have finished.
  4. ‘Internal comments’, this is a free text field and the information entered into this field is only visible to Examiners and Lexplore System Administrators. Use this field to communicate anything to the Lexplore Quality Review team that you think is relevant to the testing and which might be of interest to your fellow Examiners. It is important to remember not to write anything sensitive in this box that does not concern the test. Click on ‘Save’ when you have finished.