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How to stimulate your childs language comprehension

By talking to your child and using a varied vocabulary, you are setting the stage for a rich language. When talking to your child, don't simplify the language, but explain the meaning of words when your child doesn't understand. Listen to your child, and correct their grammar by repeating what they said.

→ For example, when your child says "I walk to my friend's house yesterday", simply repeat "Oh, you went to your friend's house". The child then gets the correct expression without the feeling of being corrected.

Watch a film with your child to explain events and help them understand the content. The best tip is to read aloud to your child! Even if we think they can read on their own, children still don't have the fluency experience for reading more advanced literature for quite some time. Reading aloud gives them access to much deeper language than if they were reading on their own.


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