Log in to Lexplore as Teacher/Staff

To log in to Lexplore, you first need to have accepted an invitation from someone in your school or trust. It is when you accept your invitation that your account is created.

For help accepting your invitation, click here .

If you want help with logging in as a student, click here.

To give your students access to the Lexplore reading app, click here . 

Log in to Lexplore's results portal (web)

  1. Go to www.portal.lexplore.com 
  2. Enter your email address. Based on your email, Lexplore will then forward you to the login method your account is associated with. If you would rather click through to your login method, you can click on Other options without entering your email.

    1. Email and password (Lexplore login): Enter your password and click Login. You may be asked to verify your identity with an SMS code. 
    2. Other login method: If your account is linked to another login method, you will be forwarded there. There you log in and then you are returned to Lexplore. You can find a list of the login methods we support further down this page. 

Log in to Lexplore's test application (windows application)

To log in to Lexplore's test application, you need to have the screener role and to have downloaded the test application.

To get the screener role, contact whoever manages your accounts at your school.

For help downloading the test application, click here . 

  1. Open the Lexplore test application from your computer. You can find it in two different ways:
    1. Look for the Lexplore logo on your desktop if you have it there: 
    2. Or click the magnifying glass and search for "Lexplore". 
  2. Log in the same way as in Lexplore's results portal. If you need to update your app, you may be prompted to do so now. Note that you do not always have to update even if there is a new version . For help updating your application, click here . 

Lexplore's different login methods

  • Email and password (Lexplore login) - This method uses email and password, but also a mobile number to 2-step-verify the person's identity (2-step authentication for extra security). 
  • SSO - Single sign-on login (other login methods)
    • Wonde
    • Office365
    • Google
    • Skolon 
    • The School Federation
    • Feide

Note: The login method chosen by your organization for Lexplore applies to all employees, and as an employee you can only have one login method. Either you log in with SSO via another service (example given above) or you log in with e-mail, password and SMS code.