Lexplore Release Notes August 2021

This article is a summary of the newest functions and updates released within the Lexplore Results Portal or Lexplore Testing Application for this month.

Lexplore System Version 5.28

Date of Release: August 17th 2021

  • NEW! Results Portal Admin page with new look and function
    In order to make the Results Portal more user-friendly and easier to navigate, all features relating to editing users or pupils will now be on the same page. The Administration page for an organisation now contains editing of the organisation itself as well as all its users and pupils.
    Among other subpages you will find: 
    • Settings 
    • One table for all users, active and inactive 
    • Authentication
    • Editing of pupils- import, delete, move etc. 
  • Login method: Single sign-on with more options
    Login with Single sign-on allows the user to sign in to Lexplore with a federated service. In order to activate this function for a customer, the customer admin needs to change the login type for the organisation. Existing users' logins will then be able to be changed one by one to the selected SSO system. Each user needs to accept the new invitation to complete the migration.
    As a federated service, we have added: 
    • Google - globally 
    • Skolon - available in Sweden. 
  •  NEW! Font for RAN
    Thanks to the fantastic feedback provided by our customers, the font for RAN (Rapid Naming) in the Testing Application has been changed. The letters now have the same shape as the fonts used in school when pupils start their reading journey. The name of the new font is Aravis. 
  • Lexplore Score set as default
    Recognizing that a pupil's own progression is the most important value, we have moved the chart for Lexplore Score for better visibility. 

Lexplore Globally 

  • Stimuli in years 11-13
    Testing pupils is now possible in higher education for countries following the British education system. Testing is possible up to year 13. This applies to all countries testing with the British texts, such as the following countries/regions;  
    • UK
    • UAE and MEA
    • Australia (year 10-12)
    • New Zealand
    • Australian English is available in the Testing Application
      It is now possible to select English for Australia in the Testing Application. This language selection uses the same source of English as in the UK.

    • More detailed progression chart for pupil progression
      In Australia and New Zealand charts with in-depth information have been added to the pupil page, allowing teachers to follow their students' progression. Results in the Portal now also show:
      • Saccadic length
      • Fixation time
      • Regression frequency

    Bugs that have been fixed

    • National average for Norway was temporarily not present in printout. That has been fixed. 
    • Import of users is once again aligned with the current academic school year.

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