Lexplore Release Notes August 2022

This article is a summary of the newest functions and updates released within the Lexplore Results Portal or Lexplore Testing Application for this month.

Lexplore System Version 5.37

Release date: 2022-08-18

Lexplore Globally

  • All Lesemester customer are now migrated to the Lexplore platform. When Lexplore users in Norwegian market log in to Lexplore for the first time, they will get a pop up message that redirects them to a tutorial video of the new platform.

  • New Fluency Practice
    The content is the same as it was in fluency app.
    • Students will:
      • get the content recommended to them on the right level,
      • be able to continue practicing where they left off thanks to a bookmark.
      • be able to read in pairs on one device, so that both students get credit, even though they are on the same device.
    • Teachers will
      • get insights into which students have practiced what.
    • The fluency material will of course be available for download, but that will be done from the detail page of that book in the library.
  • Lexpore Library - Reading App
    Students in organizations with the library product will now get book recommendations on their reading ability level after finishing a screening. Those, and the fluency book recommendations will the student find under “recommended for me” in the library.

    If the teacher manually would like to give book or fluency recommendations for students, he or she can also do that manually, both by selecting a book and see who is a good fit for that book, or the other way around, by going to a student and see which book is a good fit for that student.
    • Reading statistics are now shown for classes, both as an overview of the class and for each student in the class list.
  • SIS Integrations
    We now except SIS solutions that don’t provide grade and birthdate. This is however needed when performing a screening, so if a grade/birthdate is missing when the examiner is trying to start an assessment or plan a student for an assessment, they will be prompted to provide the missing information.
    For SIS we now accept to only sync students or teachers, before both were always synced if that SIS solution accepted it.
To be fixed: The download of the installer for both the driver and the screening client unfortunately gives a security alert after the release. This is due to a new code attribute, and it will go away when a few people have downloaded the installers and Google realizes that it is safe.

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