Lexplore Release Notes February 2023

This article is a summary of the latest functions and updates released within the Lexplore Insights Portal or Lexplore Testing Application for this month.

Lexplore Release Notes

Date: 2023-02-21

Lexplore Assessment Application, New version: 5.39.2406.0. If you have a version older than 3 versions ago you will need to update the Application.

What's new?

  • Lexplore Portal and Insights - New Term view for statistics of results

    Our new term view of results will be available in this release, due by close of play on 24th February.  This view will make it easier to see how results change across the academic year.  

    The term view will be available at the organisation and school levels. It presents a bar chart with reading levels and proportions in a pop-up window accessible via a new button in the results overview. 

  • Lexplore Assessment Application
    • New look and feel of the Assessment Application with our new logotype and branding colors.
    • New loading image when opening the Application
    • Quicker loading time when opening the Application
    • Assessments performed and already uploaded to the Insights Portal are listed 14 days in the Assessment Application and then automatically removed from the list.  Assessments not yet uploaded to the Lexplore Insights Portal will remain on the list.


Improvements and Bug Fixes

Improvement: Reading Points and progression - Reading Diary entries can no longer be more than 100 pages or 100 minutes long/entry. All previous Reading Diary activities over 1000 pages or 1000 minutes have been deleted and adjusted. 

Bug: Print out of results - This has now been fixed to print only the pages you are expecting. It has been condensed to a couple of pages and not hundreds as suggested.  

Upcoming: During Spring we will develop a feature to enable Pupil roll-up of classes for each new academic school year, more information will follow.

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