Move a result from one pupil to another

In the Lexplore Results Portal, it's possible to move results between pupils if a recording was made against the wrong pupil. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Moving a result from one pupil to another can be done by an examiner, here is the guide for it:

  1. Log into the Results Portal: 
  2. Find and select the pupil from whom you need to move one result. Find the pupil by filtering down on the left-hand side's options. You can filter down to class or even pupil. (see example picture below)

  3. Filter down to pupil, or click on the pupil's name in the class list. On the pupil's profile locate the assessment session in the list of activities.

  4. Once you are on the recording you will see some options on what you can do with that recording. One of them is 'MOVE RESULT'.
  5. Click "MOVE RESULT". A new pop-up will open where you select to what class and pupil you wish to move the result.
  6. Click on 'MOVE' once you are done, and the recording will be moved and saved against the correct pupil.