Positioning the pupil within the testing application

Positioning the pupil within the testing application.

Ask the pupil to look at the centre of the screen. Move the pupil monitor so that both the circle and the cross turn green.

  1. Move the monitor forward or backward to gain the correct distance, which is about 65 cm/26 inches, until both the circles turn green.
  2. Move the monitor sideways and angle it so that the cross turns green. If no cross is visible, adjust the angle of the monitor so the eye tracker can detect the pupil’s eyes.
  3. When the circle and cross are green, click "Next" to continue. You will not be able to proceed if the positioning is not good enough.

When the distance between the pupil's eyes and the screen is between 48 and 80 cm (19-31.5 inches), the recording quality is usually good enough. The limits are stricter during the positioning itself than during the recordings. This is to create good conditions for ideal recording quality throughout the test.