Reading App - Pupil Login

As a teacher, you can share a unique link or a QR-code with your pupils for them to access their own digital Reading Diary. The unique links and QR-codes are available for distribution in the Lexplore Results Portal.

This article will explain the steps you can take to share those links described above and how you can grant access to the pupils to log their activity in their digital Reading Diary. 

This action requires you to be logged in to the Lexplore Results Portal

Give access to the Reading Diary by sharing a link

  1. From the results view, filter down to the class in which you wish to share the log-in for the Reading Diary.

  2. Click on the cog that appears in the top right corner and this will display the pupils within that class.
  3. You will then see a column called Login, and a "COPY LINK" button for each pupil. The link is unique to that pupil.

  4. Click "COPY LINK" and then distribute the link to your pupils via email, Google Classroom, Teams or by your school's preferred method.
    -> When the pupil clicks onto their unique link, they will be automatically logged in to their own Reading Diary. No password is required.

Give access to Reading Diary through QR-codes.

  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 as listed above.
  2. In the top right corner, you will see the button called 'LOGIN QR CODES'.
  3. Click on 'LOGIN QR CODES' and you will be presented with a page of QR-codes for every pupil in your class. These codes are also unique for each pupil. 
  4. Each pupil can then scan their unique QR-code with either a smartphone or a tablet to login to their own Reading Diary. Again no password is required. 

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