Reasons to cancel a recording

Reasons to cancel a recording.

  • The pupil starts talking or asking questions during the reading. In this situation, cancel the recording and answer the pupil’s questions and then do the recording again. Select ‘Cancel Recording’ and then ‘Redo Task’.
  • For some reason, the pupil is disturbed during the test. Select ‘Cancel Recording’ and then ‘Redo Task’. This includes people entering the room or school bells ringing while the pupil is reading.
  • You may accidentally press the ‘Next’ button, moving onto the comprehension questions before the pupil has finished reading. Select ‘Cancel Recording’ and then ‘Redo Task’.
  • If the pupil cannot read the first text, you can read it aloud with them. But do not save the recording because the pupil will not get an accurate result. Select ‘Cancel Recording’, then ‘Do not save and move on’. Select ‘End Test’ at the next step to stop the test and add a comment where needed.