Product updates | 2024-04-24 | Agnes Smith Jonasson


Product Updates April 2024 

Yet another set of product updates have been launched, and this one we hope will give value to our organisations that organise themself into school groups/areas. Continue reading to see what it is!


Another level of insights: School groups

For organisations that organise their schools into school groups, we have now launched support for seeing results and following up on progress for the set of schools. This could be a geographical area, a set of schools with the same principal, a brand within a private school organisation etc. 

Before, the hierarchy in Lexplore insights portal was always Organisation -> Schools -> Classes -> Pupils. 

Now, it is possible to add another level in the hierarchy, for school groups. Then the hierarchy would be Organisation -> School Groups -> Schools -> Classes -> Pupils. 

This can be turned on by the roles Project manager and Organisation administrator in admin view, like this: 

  1. First, go to the school group tab.
  2. Second, enable the school groups level by checking the checkbox.
  3. Then, start adding your school groups. 
  4. If necessary, you can edit/delete the school groups after they were created. 


Once this is done, you can see the school groups and compare their results on the organisation level, and each of the school groups also have its own page with progress etc. Here you can compare the schools in the school group as well. Please see below how it can look.

Organisation with school groups: 


One of the school groups' pages: