Lexplore Release Notes December 2021

This article is a summary of the newest functions and updates released within the Lexplore Results Portal or Lexplore Testing Application for this month.

Lexplore System Version 5.31

Date of Release: December 21, 2021

Lexplore Globally

  • NEW! Status” Not reading yet” for all year groups
    In the Testing Application, there is an option to mark pupils in year 1 as “Not reading yet”. This status was applicable for pupils in Year 1 and who hadn’t yet started their reading journey. After some great feedback from all our users, we have now made this status applicable for all Year Groups. Also to we have changed the name of this status to “Emerging reader” instead of "Not reading yet".

  • In the Results Portal we are changing the naming of “User” to “Staff"
    In the Results Portal, there is an ongoing job on the user management system. We will enable schools to manage different kinds of users within their organisation. As a first step in this process, we are now changing the name of “Users” to “Staff”. The functionality of inviting, updating, and editing "Staff" remains the same.

  • Teams App to be removed The integration with Microsoft Teams in Lexplore will be removed. Since the integration began there has been little use of it and little demand. Therefore, we are removing this integration in order to be able to focus on the ongoing work on the Results Portal mentioned above, which will have a lot of great improvements to it. 

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