Lexplore Release Notes March 2021

This article is a summary of the newest functions and updates released within the Lexplore Results Portal or Lexplore Testing Application for this month.

Lexplore Release Notes 

New releases for March 25th 2021

Version of Application


  • NEW! "Becoming a Lexplore Certified Examiner"
    • We can now welcome all "Examiners to be" to our online "Becoming a Lexplore Certified Examiner Course". You can complete the course at your own pace and will receive a certificate upon successful completion. Read more: How can I become a Lexplore Certified Examiner?
  • Analysis of results with updated and improved analysis model. 

    Recently, our research and development team made two important breakthroughs that enhance our ability to accurately map pupil's Reading Ability
  1. Mapping Pupil Reading Ability. Previously, Lexplore analysed and presented Fluency and Language Comprehension separately. In February we launched an updated analysis model allowing these two components to be analysed and presented together. Combined this way, they determine percentile.  
  2. Beginning in the fall of 2020, we were able to include data from students in grade 1 (UK 2), giving us a more extensive foundation for analysis.  As such, we are able to provide a more precise and exact presentation of the percentile.  Read more: Distribution of percentiles

Lexplore Results Portal

  • Review needed by Examiner
    • A new message "Review needed by Examiner" appears when a saved testing session deviates from the norm. We instruct the examiners to review the saved recordings and then either:
  • Importing of users
  • Reading material in Lexplore intensive; from text to speech.
    • When a pupil is reading from the Lexplore intensive reading material they can now get assistance with the pronunciation of a word. Touch or tap a word and the computer will read it aloud.

Lexplore Testing Application

Lexplore Worldwide

  • Stimuli for adults available in the USA
    • 32 new stimuli have been added for grade 9-12 in USA. These are fact-based texts to target the older students and adults.

  • Lexplore app in Microsoft Teams launched in the USA.
    • Lexplore app in Microsoft Teams has launched in the USA.  It has been available in Europe since the beginning of 2021.

Bugs that have been fixed

  • APP version 5.23.2357.0 is now updating automatically again.
  • Upload from the App was not working when not restarting the Application after 24h, which has been fixed.
  • Eye tracker firmware is now installing as it should.
  • It is possible to reset phone number without getting error message.
  • A small, hidden button to show positioning for the pupil has been removed.
  • Old installation pages have been removed.

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