Lexplore Release Notes November 2021

This article is a summary of the newest functions and updates released within the Lexplore Results Portal or Lexplore Testing Application for this month.

Lexplore System Version 5.30

Date of Release: November 23, 2021

Lexplore Globally

NEW! Pupils will always be available in the Testing Application
Pupils will now always be available for assessment in the Testing Application. At the beginning of each school year when pupils are being imported into the Results Portal, they are simultaneously, and automatically available in the Testing Application for that entire school year.  
Previously, in the Results Portal, you had to click "PREPARE FOR RE-TEST" in order to move pupils to the Testing Application for each testing period. The function behind the prepare for re-test button is still available, but has been renamed  "PLAN PUPILS FOR ASSESSMENT". It can be used when retesting only small groups of pupils. By giving them the status 'planned', they will be prioritised to the top of the list in the Testing Application. 

Bugs that have been fixed

  • Year 2 students were added to Year 2 in the Results Portal but presented as Year 3. This was country-specific to Australia and has been fixed.

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