Lexplore Release Notes September 2021

This article is a summary of the newest functions and updates released within the Lexplore Results Portal or Lexplore Testing Application for this month.

Lexplore System Version 5.29

Date of Release: September 28th 2021

Lexplore Globally

  • NEW! National Distribution now visible for all years
    Organisations that have been using Lexplore, performing reading assessments for more than three years can now see the national distribution for all the years they have been active. The statistics showing national distribution per year had previously been limited to three years but is no longer limited. 

  • Deleting users now needs additional confirmation 
    Previously when deleting users you only clicked once on the "DELETE" button on a user profile. To avoid users being accidentally deleted, we have added an additional confirmation to this task. There is now a pop-up window asking "Are you sure you want to delete the user?" Please see the picture below for an example:

  • School admin now available on the admin page
    In our August release, we announced that we would be moving all administration functions to a new admin subpage in the Results Portal. The new tab is specifically used for editing the school and its classes. 

  • Enabling more roles when importing users
    When importing users into the Results Portal we refer everyone to the Excel template that can be downloaded from within the Portal itself. In that Excel template, it is now possible to add more roles to one user. Here's how:
    • Type either "YES" or "NO" for a given role. Empty means "NO".
    • You can type "YES" for multiple roles.
    • In the class column, you can type "ALL" to give access to all classes
    • For headteachers/principals, the class column can be left empty, because whatever you put in there will not be considered since a headteacher/principal is not tied to a particular class but has access to data for the entire school.

      Both English and local languages work for the input field.


Lexplore Specific Markets

  • NEW! Integration with Softlink and Capita (Available in Australia/New Zealand and the UK)
    Softlink and Capita can now be integrated as partners in Lexplore. The integration enables them to get Lexplore results from the Portal. This feature can be enabled/disabled for each organisation. No personal data is sent to the partner; we check if the partner has the same personal data as we do. If so, they can get access to the results.
    • For AUS/NZ - Softlink
    • For UK - Softlink and Capita

  • NEW! Federated Service Wonde for Single Sign-on login
    As mentioned in our August release, we added Skolon and Google as options for Single Sign-on login. This month, we are also adding Wonde as a federated service to use for Single-Sign on login. Here are the services for login:

  • Wonde as an integrated provider to import users
    It is now possible to integrate with Wonde to import users and pupils for schools in Australia, New Zealand, and UK. 
  • Displaying of Results: All users can now see the parameters for Fixation, Regression, and Saccadic Length.
    In the August release, we announced that parameters in the results such as fixation, regression and saccadic length were released in Australia, New Zealand and UK. It was then only visible to Examiners and User Administrators. Now, these three parameters are visible for every user in the Results Portal with the permission to see individual results. 

    More fixes for Australia and New Zealand

  • Specific recommendation texts for AU and NZ (previously the same texts as in UK)
  • AU and NZ can now access "Instructional Resources" via the student page.

Bugs that have been fixed

  • Examiner admin -can't change login type to created user. That has been fixed.
  • The pupil printout for the results was inconsistent and had a hard-to-read layout. That has been fixed.
  • Error in Clever SIS synchronization. That has been fixed.
  • Accepting an invitation for an organisation with MFA login turned off; still required MFA to be set up. That has been fixed.

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